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Reflective Warning Triangle

Reflective Warning Triangle

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The reflective warning triangle is a type of safety device that is designed to increase visibility and warn other drivers of a vehicle's presence on the road. It is often used as a warning device for stationary vehicles, such as those that are broken down or parked on the side of the road, as well as for use during roadworks, and in emergency situations.

Product Details

A reflective warning triangle typically consists of a triangular frame that is made of plastic or metal and is equipped with reflective elements on all sides. These reflective elements are usually made of a material that is highly reflective, such as reflective tape, and are designed to reflect light back to its source, making the triangle highly visible in low light conditions.
The triangle is placed on the road behind the vehicle as a warning to approaching traffic, it's used to alert other drivers to the presence of a stationary vehicle or obstruction on the road ahead, and to provide a visual cue for the driver of the stationary vehicle to indicate that the vehicle is broken down or otherwise in need of assistance. The reflective warning triangle is required equipment in many countries and should be used during emergency breakdowns or maintenance situations.
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